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Updated on Jan 30, 2024 - Stair Path AB ( 559393-4887) utilize website cookies on numerous pages of this Site. This policy elucidates the significance of cookies both for our business operations and your browsing experience.

What are Cookies?
A 'cookie' is a small file stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser. It contains specific information about your online browsing behavior. Cookies enable our Site to recognize your browser as a previous visitor and personalize your browsing experience.

Why Do We Use Cookies?
Cookies are used to distinguish your browser, and sometimes you, from other users of our website. This distinction helps us enhance efficiency and improve your browsing experience.

Types of Cookies We Use:
This Site employs the following types of cookies:

Strictly Necessary Cookies:
These are vital for navigating the website and utilizing its features effectively.

Performance Cookies:
We use these to gather information about how you interact with our website, including which pages you visit most frequently. This data aids us in understanding how our website works and refining our content strategy.

Tracking Cookies:
These cookies allow us to identify individual users on our website.

Third-Party Cookies and Web Beacons:
We include links to other websites and social media platforms to facilitate content sharing. Some third parties may deploy action tags or pixel trackers known as web beacons, which serve as unique identifiers.

Controlling Cookies
Most browsers allow you to manage cookies through their settings. You can refuse, delete, or disable cookies via the browser's help menu. Please note that doing so might adversely affect your future browsing experiences on our website.

On your first visit to the Site, you will be notified that we use cookies and will be asked to accept their use. By accepting, you consent to our utilization of cookies. You will not be prompted again during subsequent visits.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this Cookie Policy, please email support (at) By understanding our use of cookies and the control you have over them, we aim to maintain transparency and uphold trust with our users. Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy your experience!
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