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We’ve made developer on/offboarding and retention seriously simple

Create a solid dev onboarding experience — so you can bust internal silos and move as one 🚀

Say adiós 👋 to spreadsheets and time-consuming dev tools.

When the time comes we will be in touch. Private beta here we come! 😊 🚀
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Accelerate your tech team's success with Silo Team's automation-driven on/offboarding and retention platform.

Introduce technologies, tools, and workflows (technical onboarding/offboarding).
AI-powered LMS for technical docs.
Collaborative C4 modelling / process builder.
Clean API docs generator.
Community-generated best practice templates.

* We’re currently in early access and are onboarding a limited number of new beta testers. Sign up for the waitlist below if you are interested in being part of our early adopters and help shape the future of bringing tech teams closer together.

Our self-serve product will go live during 2023 ― Follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest news.

🎉 Read our Elevator Pitch ->

Silo Team Newsroom:

We are on a mission to bring teams closer together
of employees think their employer does a great job of onboarding new employees
of employees say they’d go “above and beyond” if they were given a good induction and onboarding
of companies do not have a formal onboarding process
increase in productivity if a well-structured onboarding program is in place
Companies with great onboarding programs see 2.5% more revenue growth and 1.9% of the profit margin as against companies with poor onboarding processes. The former also leads to higher productivity levels and faster knowledge acquisition rates.
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