Silo Team is a Technical Documentation and Developer Onboarding Platform

What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

We are on a mission to solve the challenge of retaining and empowering developers.
As we conducted extensive studies and experimented on the journey of recruiting new developers into teams, we discovered that the most challenging and unsolved pain points are deeply rooted in the quality of the onboarding process and that existing solutions bury new developers in endless ”getting started” technical documentation.

Engineering managers shared that they lack insight into a clear plan for a good onboarding, do not understand which stakeholder is responsible for what and when, feel concerned about slowing down the already short-staffed dev-team, and feel drained by the time effort. These problems result in siloed communication and a bombardment of the same information.
The large people platforms, such as Workday, Personio, and PeopleSoft, does not let you intro the codebase, server architecture or even debugging during onboarding, and tech teams have important information spread out across GitHub, Confluence, Lucidchart and a series of Google Spreadsheets. This is a massive resource-sink, costing teams a lot of time and effort.
+173 sessions with c-level stakeholders, onboarding teams, engineering managers and tech leads. +100 sessions with Junior (25%), Mid-Level (45%), and Senior Developers (30%). 🌎: 70% Europe 30% United States.

What is your solution?

Silo Team is an onboarding platform for technical talent that lets you seamlessly integrate new developers into your team with a gamified, template ready, team-first approach to improve the time-to-launch for each new technical talent. The platform supports dev-teams sharing their know-how, creating consistency, and allowing organisations to maintain performance as they scale.

We are reimagining the traditional onboarding model and replacing it with an amazing experience that lets developers pace their learning, dissolves silos (the background story of our company name: silo team), and acknowledges their achievements with the team.

We bring data-driven insight back into the onboarding journey to support engineering managers in understanding the process better, empowering them to save time and create the ultimate first impression for new devs.
Our limited beta of Silo Team has shown that teams are able to significantly reduce the time to launch with more automation, clarity, and integration.

What was the inspiration behind Silo Team?

The team behind Silo Team has firsthand experience of the pain points during hiring and integration. After taking part in shaping the engineering and product design function from small to very large teams a few times, with talented individuals spread out across the world, we experienced firsthand how onboarding could fall apart.

This was attributed to the employment of poor onboarding tools and methods that resulted in disappointed new hires and frustrated onboarding stakeholders. One day we had enough and told ourselves that there must be a better way to do this.
We strongly believe that if engineering teams are able to work together and solve current inefficiencies in the onboarding and hiring workflow, there is an incredible opportunity to unlock talent. If these pain points are met, it will not only lead to increased retention and faster launching but also more innovation.
As the recent economic downturn has pushed businesses globally to streamline their workforce, including engineering teams, there has never been a better time to retain top talent, and developers are arguably businesses’ most important assets ― so why are we giving them a poor onboarding experience?

We are therefore on a mission to reinvent the way engineering managers and tech leads onboard developers, by building the world's easiest onboarding tool for tech teams.

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