What is the problem you are solving, and why does it matter?

Software developers have one of the highest turnover rates among all occupations which costs companies billions of dollars every year. For instance, if a junior developer with a base salary of US$98 000 leaves within a year, it could cost the company up to US$350 000 just to find and train a replacement.

Having conducted deep discovery sessions with over +320 tech teams, we have identified critical pain points that need to be addressed, from on/offboarding to retention.
Larger organisations with more developers and new hires face even greater challenges. This has led to engineering managers seeking a new tool to speed up the process and increase dev-productivity.

How will Silo Team solve this problem?

We built a platform that streamlines on/offboarding, improves retention rates and ultimately strengthens success. This includes introducing essential dev-tools, codebase, server architecture, debugging, and fostering cultural interaction and collaboration and simplifies stakeholder responsibilities, ensuring clear guidelines and timelines for all parties involved.
Silo Team provides insights and recommendations to stakeholders, identifying what worked, what didn't work, and suggesting improvements for the future.
Engineering Managers

71% of responsible onboarding stakeholders conduct the majority of the onboarding manually. 😱

65% thinks that their organizations do a bad job onboarding new developers because of poor onboarding tools and a lack of automation.
Engineering Managers are responsible for getting developers launch ready 🚀

80% of new devs find technical onboarding unnecessarily hard and time-consuming.

30 hours of productivity are lost because of bad onboarding in the first month alone.

92% of the tools a developer uses everyday (GitHub, Lucidchart(s), Notion, Confluence, etc) do not integrate with the top 5 most popular onboarding tools.
+173 sessions with c-level stakeholders, onboarding teams, engineering managers and tech leads. +100 sessions with Junior (25%), Mid-Level (45%), and Senior Developers (30%). 🌎: 70% Europe - 30% United States.

Why is this the right timing?

As the recent economic downturn has pushed businesses globally to streamline their workforce, including engineering teams, there has never been a better time to retain top talent, and developers are arguably businesses’ most important assets ― so why are we giving them a poor on/offboarding and retention experience? 
We are on a mission to bring teams closer together
of employees think their employer does a great job of onboarding new employees
of employees say they’d go “above and beyond” if they were given a good induction and onboarding
of companies do not have a formal onboarding process
increase in productivity if a well-structured onboarding program is in place
Companies with great onboarding programs see 2.5% more revenue growth and 1.9% of the profit margin as against companies with poor onboarding processes. The former also leads to higher productivity levels and faster knowledge acquisition rates.
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