Silo Team Recognised in Hatcher+ Top 100 Global Startups for June 2024.

July 1, 2024

Silo Team is proud to announce they have earned a place among the Hatcher+ Top 100 Global Startups for June 2024 - the world’s first ranked list of startups based on an unbiased, AI-powered, global scoring system for startups. 

The Hatcher+ Top 100 scoring system uses a proprietary model based on data derived from over half a million startups and multiple investment rounds to evaluate startups. Each component of the model assesses a different aspect of a startup’s sector, technology fit, market position, and future potential, providing a numerical score between 400 and 900, with an average score around 650 indicating an average likelihood of success.  The system is language agnostic, and specifically designed to reduce biases based on age, location, race, religion, and sector.

Reflecting on their achievement, Rasmus Stjernström, CEO of Silo Team, remarked, “We’re absolutely thrilled to be named among the top 100 global startups by Hatcher+. Our commitment to creating a platform that supports developers at every stage of their career is what makes us unique and our mission important. We’re excited to be part of such an innovative community and look forward to working closely with Hatcher+ in the future.”

John Sharp, Managing Partner of Hatcher+, congratulated the team, saying "Unlike traditional startup rankings, companies included in the Hatcher+ Top 100 undergo a thorough and independent evaluation process, reflected in their Hatcher+ Score, using a complex algorithm that we have tried to make as unbiased and relevant as possible. It is our hope that this approach will help founders and their companies refine their strategic vision, grow awareness, and raise the capital they deserve."

The 100 winning startups were announced at midnight Singapore time on June 30, 2024, and their names have been published on the Hatcher+ LinkedIn page.

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For media enquiries, journalists should contact:

Rasmus Stjernström

Chief Executive Officer

Silo Team




Hans Yong

Head of Marketing, Hatcher+



About Winning Startup

Silo Team (TopCo: Stair Path AB 559393-4887) is a Swedish and UK-based company founded by brother and sister Rasmus Stjernström and Ida Stjernström. They are on a mission to dramatically reduce developer turnover—an issue that is profoundly expensive for every industry. Their platform provides everything from on/offboarding to accessing technical knowledge.

About Hatcher Plus Pte Ltd (“Hatcher+”)

Hatcher+ is a leading venture capital firm specializing in the development of advanced software and AI-based data models to support fast fund creation, AI-powered deal analysis, and intelligent capital deployment. The Hatcher+ FAAST™ platform offers comprehensive solutions for fund administration, enabling efficient portfolio construction and real-time financial data visualization. FAAST™ Founder extends these capabilities to startups, providing tools such as AI-powered Executive Summary and Pitch Deck Analysis, a secure data room, cap table management, and investor CRM. These features ensure impactful and scalable investment strategies, empowering both investors and founders to achieve their business goals with confidence.

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