Ida Stjernström, co-founder of Silo Team, named a finalist in the She Loves Tech 2023 Nordic Competition.

September 12, 2023

Update: Ida won the competition! 🎉 (🏆 1st place). Read more here.

A big congratulations to Ida Stjernström for being the finalist in the She Loves Tech Nordic Competition. Good luck at the pitch event! 🚀

About She Loves Tech:

She Loves Tech runs the world's largest startup competition for women and technology. Since 2015, the competition has seen 13,000 startups join from 92 countries. Finalists have raised more than $300 million to date. The 2022 competition series encompasses 28 regional rounds across 70+ countries.

About Silo Team:

Silo Team is addressing the high developer turnover rate that costs billions every year. The platform empowers tech teams to manage the full dev lifecycle, from on/offboarding to retention. Save time, foster belonging, and boost productivity—a new category in the dev space.

About Ida Stjernström:

Ida Stjernström is the Co-Founder of Silo Team and is at the helm of the commercial operations as CCO. She is passionate about emerging technology and a driving force in the female tech landscape in the Nordics. She is 29 years old and splits her time between Sweden and Spain.


Venture: Microsoft, Impact: R3I Impact Foundation, ADB Ventures

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