Ida Stjernström, co-founder of Silo Team, has advanced to the Global Top 10 in the She Loves Tech competition.

October 25, 2023


Ida Stjernström, our rockstar co-founder at Silo Team, just made it to the Global Top 10 in the She Loves Tech competition! Today's semi-final in Singapore was a real nail-biter with 29 amazing startups battling it out. But Ida stood out and earned her spot in the global final. This comes after she already won the She Loves Tech Nordics.

What's She Loves Tech All About?

It's the world's biggest startup competition focused on women and tech. Started in 2015, it's been a magnet for 13,000 startups from 92 countries. And get this, finalists have raised more than $300 million so far! This year, they're hosting 28 regional rounds in over 70 countries. Partners include: Microsoft, R3I Impact Foundation, and ADB Ventures.

Who's Ida Stjernström?

She co-founded Silo Team and is our awesome CCO. Super passionate about new tech and a major player in getting more women into tech. She's 30 and juggles her time between Sweden and Spain.

Silo Team in a Nutshell:

Silo Team is addressing the high developer turnover rate that costs billions every year. The platform empowers tech teams to manage the full dev lifecycle, from on/offboarding to retention. Save time, foster belonging, and boost productivity—a new category in the dev space.

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