Silo Team now lets you import your Backstage catalog.

July 2, 2023


Import and diagram from your catalog in Backstage using Silo Team.

About Backstage:

Backstage was originally developed and used by Spotify before being released under an open-source license. Backstage is an open platform for building developer portals. Powered by a centralized software catalog, Backstage restores order to your microservices and infrastructure and enables your product teams to ship high-quality code quickly — without compromising autonomy.

About Silo Team:

Silo Team addresses the high turnover rate among software developers which cost businesses billions of dollars each year. The platform streamlines on/offboarding, improves retention rates and ultimately strengthens success.

This includes:

- Technical on/offboarding: Introduce technologies, tools, and workflows.

- AI-powered LMS for technical docs.

- Collaborative C4 modelling / process builder.

- Clean API docs generator.

- Community-generated best practice templates.

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